How to become a member

  • Show proof of recent training and/or experience in the darkroom.  It is critical that everyone using this shared darkroom has the skills and knowledge to keep the space safe and functioning well.  
  • If you do not have recent experience/training you will need to take an introductory darkroom course. Some of the facilities that offer refresher or introductory courses that we encourage are: Langara College, Emily Carr, West End Community Centre, and also private tutoring from known and qualified photographers such as Benjamin Poulton (
  • Attend an Orientation Session given by the club in order to become familiar with the West End Photographic Society rules, expectations, and the darkroom itself.
  • Purchase an Annual Membership.  The membership helps cover administration costs such as website and domain and society fees, as well as darkroom equipment, repairs, and improvements. ($36 per annum)
  • Purchase a darkroom time card to gain access to the darkroom. ($30 for a 15 hour card)
  • Once you have bought some darkroom time you will need to reserve a time slot.

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